Big wall and solo ascents for Álex González, 15 years old

A young and atypical Spanish who seeks solitude

16 September 2018
Teens seldom approach to multipitch, let alone the big wall or solo climbing. The 15 year old Álex González is an exception, a strong exception, and after a summer in Yosemite and a few days in Rodellar, he traveled to Naranjo de Bulnes to climb in self-assurance.

"Climbing solo was something I wanted to experience since I started climbing, the feelings he gave me were incredible. Once I felt alone if I lost sight of the partner or did not answer anymore but being alone on the West of the Picu is a completely different thing". To say this is Álex González, young promise of Spanish climbing.

We state that it remains a practice with a component of further danger and that can not be improvised. Álex is an exception and deserves to be presented, not emulated. "In June I went to Yosemite and I had never climbed in artificial. I was about a month and a half and my goal was the Nose. Shortly after, among other things we also did the Half Dome Regular. Living on the portaledge is unbelievable, you have to get organized with all the food, bring it up, and handle it all."

Already a first experience that could be the ascent of a life for many climbers but after 19 days of climbing in Rodellar, González went with his father, who does not climb, to Naranjo de Bulnes. "I wanted to climb the four faces in one day and alone. Unfortunately, the fog before and the rain later hampered the programs a bit. At the beginning I was not satisfied but afterwards I was happy with what I had concluded.”

A boy out of the ordinary short but with clear ideas about what he wants. We hope to continue doing it with your head on your shoulders.

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