Brad Gobright climbsThe Muir Wall in Yosemite, 5.13c

Another valuable climb in the Californian valley

13 May 2019
Brad Gobright returns to Yosemite and repeats the famous Muir Wall 5.13c on El Capitan.

Level repetition, as always, for Brad Gobright, who still hit the path of a rarely repeated route in the magical Californian valley. This is The Muir Wall, which Gobright did for the Shaft variant with an epic battle, "It is the way that makes me most proud" he wrote, "a struggle that involved me as nothing else in my life". The name of Brad Gobright is linked to some crazy and unusual performances. A few weeks ago "accompanied" Alex Honnold up and down some walls in Nevada climbing something like 40 pitches in just under 11 hours while in 2018 he signed the third repetition of El Corazon, via which Alex Huber and Max Reichel first went up in 2001 followed, later, the first repeat by Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell. In October 2017 he also lowered the Nose climb record by stopping the clock at 2h 19’44 ”, a feat he made with Jim Reynolds spending 4 minutes less than Alex Honnold, holder with Hans Florine of the previous record.


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