Brette Harrington and Quentin Roberts, new route on Egger for Marc-André Leclerc memory

The line dreamed by strong Canadian was finally climbed

11 March 2019
Brette Harrington and Quentin Roberts opened a new line imagined by Marc-André Leclerc on the Torre Egger, MA's Vision, and given shape to one of the many dreams of the unforgettable Canadian climber.

In March 2018, the terrible news of the disappearance of the Canadian Marc-André Leclerc shook the mountaineering world deeply, thus losing one of its true real talent. Capable of solitary and crazy first ascents, Marc-Andrè was one of those characters more unique than rare, able to make what many others were practically impossible to look easy. One of the areas most dear to him and where he recorded an incredible number of extreme climbs is Patagonia and here, precisely on the infamous Torre Egger, Leclerc had identified, during a descent, a possible new route that started on the East Pillar and then going to Titanic (5.12b WI 4 M5).

This will remain only a dream for Marc but not for his partner Brette Harrington who with Quentin Roberts managed to climb this route by opening MA's Vision and dedicating it obviously to his companion. The team has climbed the route entirely in free but from the top of the Pillar and will return as soon as possible for the complete free and full day of the entire route, which for now has 13 lengths up to 7b+

“MA’s Vision is a line that rises gently from the East Pillar of Torre Egger towards the Titanic route. Marc identified it during his solo ascent of the Tower in 2016 and the idea was to get back together to open it. I couldn't do it alone, so I called Quentin and with him we managed to get the part that connects the Pillar to Titanic. We'll be back next summer to pick you up from the base. During the ascent, we found a Marc cord left during her descent by Egger and imagined him there with me as part of the team that was climbing the route."


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