David Allfrey sets a new solo Zodiac speed record

Yet another record in the Yosemite valley

11 June 2018
David Allfrey sets a new record for Zodiac's solo ascent of El Capitan, Yosemite at 10:52:50.

You can not rest for a moment in this place of the world that is the Yosemite valley. Not even the time to digest the “rocket” climb a few days ago on the Nose that David Allfrey still brings to the fore the Californian giant on which he climbed Zodiac route in a new record time, 10 hours, 52 minutes and 55 seconds.

"I love this route," said Allfrey, "it's very busy but remains one of Yosemite's best. It's incredibly vertical but of the right length to not feel oppressed. Solitary work is crazy, you have to do it all over again and optimize all the procedures. "

As always, to succeed in this kind of performance, David did not get up one morning and he improvised solitary climber in speed. In the last ten years, in fact, it has about 13 records and includes Tangerine Trip (VI 5.9 A3; 9:28), West Buttress (VI 5.9 A3; 7:01), Octopussy (VI 5.9 A3; 18:08), Excalibur (VI 5.8 A3; 16:10), Triple Direct (VI 5.9 A2; 5:15), New Jersey Turnpike (VI 5.10 A4; 12:24), Eagle's Way (VI 5.8 A3; 7:56), Lunar Eclipse (VI 5.7 A4; 11:22), Shortest Straw (VI 5.7 A4; 12:20), Zenyatta Mondatta (VI 5.7 A4; 16:53), Virginia (VI 5.8 A3; 13:58), Scorched Earth (VI 5.8 A4; 22 : 28) and now in fact Zodiac.

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