Edu Marin unveils the secrets of his Valhalla in China and it is a delirium ...

Numeri pazzeschi a Getu Valley

11 January 2019
Preparations continue in China for the first ascent of a new frightful route by the Spaniard Edu Marin who bolted something scary in the usual magnificent cave of Getu Valley.

Already from last April apparently the work of equipment was completed but then, thanks to other projects in Spain and Norway at the famous Flatanger, the project had been temporarily abandoned. However, there are now some updates on what could be the difficulties of the route that, of course, are scary. In general we speak of 380 meters of development, 14 total lengths, as many as 7 on a practically horizontal roof at 150 meters from the ground and a maximum difficulty of 9a+!
Already only these numbers could suffice for some more than justified attack of nausea.
"It's not just a challenge," said Marin, "it's the longest roof in the world ever bolted and an incredible difficulty. It is a dream that is becoming reality taking shape in my heart. "
The heart of Edu is decidedly firm and ready for emotions.

Valhalla, Getu Valley, Cina
380m, 14L, 7b+, 7a, 8a+, 7c+, 9a+, 8b+, 8a, 8c+, 8a+, 8b, 8a+, 8c+, 8a+, 8a+


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