Adam Ondra's dream to climb OS Salathé breaks on the Headwall

Final wall unclimbable on sight also from the Czech champion

05 November 2018
Adam Ondra's dream of climbing Salathè on El Capitan on sight is shattered on the Headwall, the Czech champion fails in the long dreamed project.

Stops at the end of the route, the magnificent and feared Headwall, the project of Adam Ondra to ascend the legendary Salathè on El Capitan in Yosemite in on sight syle, where the champion had to for once give up the difficulties and fatigue. Only a few days ago we had given information about the arrival of the Strongest in the USA where he had immediately attacked Book of Hate, but not OS as he had wanted, in preparation we say to the ambitious project on El Cap.

"Salathe was a dream of mine for a long time. A dream of just being up there, feeling the air and exposure of the "headwall" (upper part of Salathe which is the crux), putting my hands into perfect cracks... And to onsight it. Some dreams came true yesterday, but the ultimate - the onsight is not fulfilled. And the nature of onsight is that it will never be fulfilled any more. It is only one try, lots of pressure in case of such a legendary route like Salathe in Yosemite on El Capitan.

Yesterday we started with amazing partner @nicofavresse at 00:01 AM, 7 AM we were up at the "Boulderproblem", 8:30 AM at the Block, still onsighting all. At 1:30 PM we continued through Enduro and the roof and I failed to onsight Headwall pitch 1 in the upper part, on my second go I fell right at the anchor. No more energy to give another try."

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