Ladevant and Dherbilly freed L'Ogre qui Chante (260m, 8b max), airy route in the south of France

Intense and wide-ranging, it immediately stands out as a must of the Dents de Lanfon

02 October 2019
Louna Ladevant and Baptiste Dherbilly freed L'Ogre qui Chante (260m, 8b max), on the Dents de Lanfon, in southern France, route which after the first ascent awaited the free integral ascent.

In addition to the wonderful performances by Cédric Lachat, Nina Caprez and Seb Bouin this summer, the French Louna Ladevant and Baptiste Dherbilly also worked hard and aimed for the first free ascent of L'Ogre qui Chante, via the Dents de Lanfon opened by Didier Angelloz and Pascal Sanctus a few years ago.

Louna and Baptiste climbed together a short time after repeating Babel (250m, 8a + max), aimed at this project above Lake d'Annecy, completing the ascent of the 9 pitches in less than 7 hours and declaring a maximum difficulty of 8b.

"Our plan was to climb this mythical route," said Louna, "never free climbing before, an incredibly varied and different itinerary for styles. There are ultra physical traits, plaque shots, of everything ... with a superb view of Lake Annecy."

Dents de Lanfon, via L'Ogre qui Chant
260, 9L
8a, 8a+, 8b, 8a+, 7c, 5, 7a+, 6a+, 7c 
First Ascent: Didier Angelloz, Pascal Sanctus
FFA: Louna Ladevant, Baptiste Dherbilly


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