Nicolas Favresse and Co. open two new routes on two never climbed mountains in Pakistan

Success on unknow Thagas valley

13 September 2018
Nicolas Favresse, with Carlos Molina, Maynadier Mathieu and Jean-Louis Wertz, climbed two peaks never resolved before in Pakistan in the unknown valley of Thagas.

Pathan Peak and Pathani Peak, in the remote and practically ignored valley of Thagas, in Pakistan. These were the two unpopulated peaks climbed the first time a few days ago by Nicolas Favresse, Carlos Molina, Maynadier Mathieu and Jean-Louis Wertz. The Pathan Peak (6000m) was the first to be solved spending about six days for a 900 meter, 6b and A1 route (probably around 7a free).

"It was a magical day with perfect weather," said Nico about the last one that took them to the top. "The long sections of rock alternated sections of snow and ice and, icing on the cake, ends with a wonderful pillar, a breathtaking view and there was not a bit of wind." Unfortunately, during the recovery of the material, a stone fell and centered Mathieu, leaving him unconscious for a few minutes. "We did not know if he was alive or dead and for three minutes we feared the worst. The next day a helicopter came to rescue him and despite the great fright, he only had a few small fractures and bruises, serious but not dangerous."

With the spirit on the ground, the other three remained intent on recovering the rest of the equipment, also slowed by bad weather. At the opening of the first window the decision to also try the Pathani Peak where in fact everything went well and in just 17 hours opened Pathani (600m, 6th, M6) and then returned from the hospitalized companion.

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