Nina Caprez repeats the little known Headless Children (260m, 8b)

Another beautiful climb in Rätikon for the very strong Swiss

20 September 2018
Overbearing return in Rätikon for Nina Caprez where climbs Headless Children, rarely repeated in over 20 years since its opening.

Nina Caprez is not new to the Rätikon. Already in 2011 had succeeded in the amazing enterprise of doing the first female of Silbergeier, one of the thousand pearls of Beat Kammerlander and always by Beat was also Die Unendliche Geschichte, which Nina climbed with Barbara Zangerl in 2015, the same year in which also resolved Hannibals Alptraum accompanied by one of the legends of this sport, Marc LeMenestrel.

Headless Children is a route unknown until the recently repetition by Kilian Fishhuber a couple of years ago has brought the right notoriety to this itinerary. Although not very long, about 260 meters, it reaches the difficulty of 8b and, consistently with the style of the Rätikon, presents a technical and demanding climbing as well as exposed. The first ascent dates back to 1999 thanks to M. Müller, K. Mathis and B. Rüdisser but it was M. Amann who made the first free ascent in 2008.

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