Monte Bianco. Nina Caprez climbsLa Voie Petit (450m, 8b max)

Second female ascent of this incredible Arnaud Petit and Stéphanie Bodet route

24 July 2019
Nina Caprez signs the second female ascent of La Voie Petit, a majestic 8b route at the Grand Capucin.

Mont Blanc, Grand Capucin. Taking advantage of a beautiful and warm window of time (hot from us), the Swiss climber Nina Caprez hit the second female ascent of La Voie petit (450m, 8b max), thus repeating the success of Caroline Ciavaldini who made it in 2016. The ascension took only two attempts. In the first, accompanied by Sean Villanueva, Nina had to contend with an unexpected weather change while in the second, in team with the Slovenian champion Martina Cufar, she climbed the 12 lengths of the route in 11 hours.

Opened by Arnaud Petit and Stéphanie Bodet in 1997, La Voie Petit was freed by Alex Huber in 2005 and since then has attracted some of the strongest specialists, from the Caro Ciavaldini to Mich Kemeter to Edu Marin for example. Caprez climbed just with Petit on Mont Blanc in 2017 when she opened L’Or Du Temps (470m 7c +), did free by Pavel Kratochvíl, Róbert Luby and Martin Krasňanský but then repeated by Nina always with Arnaud in 2018.


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