Crazy record ascents by Keita Kurakami and Connor Herson on the Nose

The first climber solo-rope and the youngest do two climbs free

20 November 2018
Other magics come from Yosemite and from what is perhaps the most representative route of El Capitan, the legendary The Nose, where Keita Kurakami first and later Connor Herson are rewriting the history of the American granite giant.

The Nose, the route that runs up the thousand meters to El Capitan that has made generations of climbers dream. Few, very few climbs in free, until yesterday at least when the Japanese Keita Kurakami and the very young Connor Herson have succeeded in the undertaking and "how" they did it is really crazy.

Keita has in fact hit the fifth free ascent in absolute that has accomplished moreover in total self-assurance and is the first time! Kurakami has therefore climbed every single shot, so he has descended, recovered the material and climbed all over the Nose! A titanic and crazy enterprise. Already last year, Kurakami had repeated the route but after a few days of reflection, he had decided to remove himself from the list of repeaters because he had gone too far, according to him, from the original line. An example of righteousness and ethics that we should all follow. Project anything but abandoned, Keita is back on the piece but this time without a companion, adding, this time with all the trappings, his name to those of Lynn Hill, Tommy Caldwell, Beth Rodden and Jorg Verhoeven.

Already only this would be enough to close the season on the Nose but a few days, indeed, a few hours after the ascent of Kurakami, the 15 year old Connor Herson centers the sixth ascent becoming the youngest climber ever to have climbed the way so far!

Accompanied by his father Jim, Connor completed the climb last weekend even though his first ascent of this pearl of El Cap dates back to a couple of years ago, when he was even 13 years old! Before him, this record was of Beth Rodden who at the time of the performance of years was 25 while the immense Lynn Hill, at the time of the first free ascent, had 32. Times that change ...



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