New record, El Capitan climbed at 9 years old. Performance for the very young Pearl Johnson

New record on the most famous monolith in the world

25 October 2019
Pearl Johnson becomes the youngest person to climb El capitan at just 9 years, doing the ascension of Triple Direct.

At just 9 years, Pearl Johnson becomes the youngest person to have climbed El Capitan having completed the Triple Direct ascent. The exploit, if can define it, was made together with the mother, Janet Johnson, and a family friend, Nick Sullens, a member of Yosemite Search and Rescue (YOSAR), while the father, Philip Johnson, ranger of the famous California park, he waited for them at the top.

Johnson and his companions took four days and three nights to complete the ascent where they did not face any technical difficulties other than the ascent to jumar by the child.

The initial goal was actually the Nose but it seems to be too crowded. The choice has therefore fallen on the Triple Direct even if on the famous "Naso" the previous record that belonged to Selah Schneiter, 10 years old, established last June was marked.

Of course, Pearl already has a good series of climbs in Yosemite that include the Cathedral Peak in the Tuolumne Meadows, made at 6, the Royal Arches at 7 and the Half Dome at 8.


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