[VIDEO] Pete Whittaker rope solo on FreeRider

The first all free climb rope solo ascent on El Capitan

15 April 2018
Pete Whittaker rope solo on FreeRider, The first all free climb rope solo ascent on El Capitan.

Great solo ascent and autosicure for Pete Whittaker of the legendary FreeRider, route in Yosemite on the monumental El Capitan and one of the most famous bigwall. In the middle of November 2016, in fact, the climber who with Tom Randall formed the well-known duo Wide Boyz had succeeded in climbing FreeRider, remaining within 24 hours and completing the ascent entirely in free climbing. It was the first time that a climber compleated a route on El Cap and this style and this anticipated a few months what became the ascent of ascents, the free solo of Alex Honnold, naturally on the same route.

Directed and edited by Adam Bailes
Produced by Pete Whittaker and Adam Bailes
Camera and graphics by Dustin Moore
Additional camera: Jen Randall, Pete Whittaker, Dustin Moore,
Adam Bailes

Tcpro 740x195

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