Pete Whittaker climbs solo-rope Half Dome and El Capitan in 20 hours and 19 minutes

Resolved the Big Linkup spending and incredible timing

14 November 2018
Pete Whittaker has soloed both Half Dome and El Capitan in just 20 hours and 19 minutes and with the exception of Alex Honnold, he is the only climber to have climbed the so-called Big Linkup in this style.

After climbing FreeRider in 20 hours and 6 minutes in 2014, Pete Whittaker returns to Yosemite and sets a new incredible and fast climb in self-assurance, the Big Linkup in less than 24 hours, doing Half Dome and El Capitan in 20 hours and 19 minutes.

He started around 6:30 when attacked the Regular Northwest Face, peaking at the top at about 11 o'clock. When he got off and moved under the Nose, he resumed climbing at 1:23 pm, reaching the top at 2:49am. Pete had previously climbed the Nose only a couple of times and the Half Dome only one, without ever trying this venture before.

The first to complete this climb were the two stars of Yosemite John Bacar and Peter Croft who in 1986 solved the Nose in 9 hours and a half and the Regular in 4 and a half, followed by Peter Coward and Joe Terravechia in 1996. In 1998, Hans Florine and Nancy Feagin were the first man/woman couple to complete the two routes and Hans always with Dean Potter was the first to fall under the 24-hour wall, spending 23 hours and 4 minutes.


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