Riders on the Storm not all free

Smith-Gobat and Harrington abandon the project

28 February 2017

Mayan Smith-Gobat and Brette Harrington abandon the project to climb free all famous Riders on the Storm, Paine Central Tower, Patagonia.
“Patagonia has shown its most brutal face” reports Smith-Gobat in a statement. “We gave everything we had for six weeks in which we only had a day and a half of climbing in every week and where we could move in artif and aften with snowstorm at the end. It 's amazing what they did Gullich, Albert, Arnold, and Dittrich Batz 26 years ago.”

Riders in fact is a great route opened in 1991. Just David Stastny and Jan Kreisinger in 2002, Arnaud Boudet, Martial Dumas, Jean Yves Fredericksen and Yann Mimet in 2006 and Nico and Olivier Favresse, Sean Villanueva and Mike Macomte in 2006 repeated it.

La year, Mayam tried this project yet with Ines Papert, climbing free some new pitch but not all the route.

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