Adam Ondra and the second ascent of Dawn Wall!!

On the top of El Cap!

22 November 2016

After eight days of climbing, Adam Ondra did the second ascent of Dawn Wall, the great route opened by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson at the end of 2014. After two weeks working, Adam started with Pavel Blazek for the final push last November, 14th and the 21th comunicated toh ave completed the ascent. In total, he spent 6 days climbing and 2 of rest. Critic was the fourth with eight attempts with no success on the pitch number 14! Another problems was the temperature, sometimes too hot and the feet, on the route very streesed. Recently Adam said that was an insane idea to try the route but probably he was just kidding!
Another incredible performance for this incredible climber. What will be able to do in the future?

Day 1 (Nov. 14):

Pitch 1 (5.12b)
Pitch 2 (5.13a)
Pitch 3 (5.13c)
Pitch 4 (5.12b)
Pitch 5 (5.12d)
Pitch 6 (5.13c)
Pitch 7 (5.14a)
Pitch 8 (5.13d)
Pitch 9 (5.13c)

Day 2 (Nov. 15):

Pitch 10 (5.14a)
Pitch 11 (5.13c)
Pitch 12 (5.14b)
Pitch 13 (5.13b)

Day 3 (Nov. 16):

Rest day

Day 4 (Nov. 17):

Pitch 14 (5.14d), eight attempts, unsuccessful

Day 5 (Nov. 18):

Pitch 14 (5.14d), first go
Pitch 15 (5.14d), second go

Day 6 (Nov. 19):

Pitch 16 (5.14a) - Loop Pitch
Pitch 17 (5.14a), from no-hands rest*
Pitch 18 (5.13c)
Pitch 19 (5.13b)
Pitch 20 (5.13c/d), "One of the best pitches on the wall"
Pitch 21 (5.13d) - Wino Tower

Day 7 (Nov. 20):

Rest day

Day 8 (Nov. 21):

Pitch 22 (5.10)
Pitch 23 (5.11)
Pitch 24 (5.11)
Pitch 25 (5.11d)
Pitch 26 (5.11c)
Pitch 27 (5.12c) - Ship's Bow
Pitch 28 (5.12b)
Pitch 29 (5.12b)
Pitch 30 (5.13a)
Pitch 31 (5.12b)

Tcpro 740x195

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