Meteora: closing risk!

The famous Greek area is about to close (but not at all)

28 April 2017

Even in Greece is going to get there, if there is no trend reversal, a new decree that will close one of the historic climbing sites of Hellenic climbing, Meteora. Here, in fact, very important chapters have been written in the history of climbing, where even Patrick Berhault himself filmed one of his film.

What happened this time? With a Presidential Decree made public on April 20, it seems that the whole area will soon become inaccessible, not only to climbers but to all the frequenters, and it is talked about many thousands a year that enjoy the beauty of the place and its unique features linked to the outdoors. Here the climbers, cross jumper, hikers, cyclists, and so on. The reason? It seems like you want to make these places, rich in monasteries, a sort of widespread cult place where all other activities are banned.

But how is this possible? Law 2351/1995 has recognized a vast area of ​​many hectares as "sacred places" in addition to the protections already in place as archaeological areas. For a long time, it has been possible for the athletes to attend the area, but now they want to give a rough turn, because it's all to understand, to the athletes who attend Meteora.

To this number of people, already important in itself, is added that of the "regular" frequent visitors who visit these Mediterranean forests during every season. Meteora destined to become a huge sanctuary frequented only by faithful then? That's how it seems. But again the climbers did not have to look.

The Meteora for All Committee has already started and calls for a profound revision of the Decree and, in respect of the sacredness of the area and of those who visit it for worship, the normal and "sacred" access also to those who go there to climb, ride, jump or walk. It is possible to support the initiative with more info on the dedicated page of the AVAAZ.ORG Community Petitions website and on facebook page ΜΕΤΕΩΡΑ ΓΙΑ ΟΛΟΥΣ (Meteora for All).

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