Corazón de Ensueño 8c FA by Dani Andrada

During Petzl Roc Trip in China

30 October 2011   Yesterday at the great Arch, above the eyes of hundreds of spectators, Dani "La Machina" Andrada sent all the pitches of his huge project, "Corazon de Ensueno" 8c, 210m, 8 pitches. (L1: 8a+, L2: 8b, L3: 7c+, L4: 7a, L5: 8b+, L6: 8c, L7: 7c+ /8a, L8: 8a+)   "This is definitely the best climb I have ever created. It's hard, long, and so unique. After 4 pitches you find yourself in the ceiling of the arch, the belay station is actually a 10-meter wide suspended cave! And the following pitch is pretty unique - sort of like downclimbing 8b+. It's totally "inhumane". "     Source: Petzl Roc Trip Video ©PETZL/J.Roth      
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