A climbing day on the Howser Towers, Will Stanhope interview

Will tells about his recent achievement

11 September 2017
Will Stanhope, together with the partner Leo Houlding, recently succeded on climbing the three Howser Towers in a day, in the Bugaboos, BC, Canada.
We wanted to interview him to know how he had live that 24 hours on the wall and what was the process that brought him to want to reach this goal.


Hi Will, thank you for giving us your time, we heard about your recent achievement on the Howser Towers… What does means for you to reach this goal?

It means a lot for me to finish this goal with Leo. It has been in my mind for many years now and it worked out just barely. To free these three beautiful towers in one day is a dream come true for me. 


When did you start to think about it? What did motivate you to spend this intense climbing day?

The link up has been on my mind since first climbing the Central Tower with Jason Kruk and Matt Segal in 2009. 
I've been inspired by Leo, Sean Leary, Tommy Caldwell and Dean Potter's mega free link ups in Yosemite Valley.  It seemed to me that something similar was possible in the Bugaboos. I've always thought the Howsers were some of the prettiest and most inspiring towers I'd ever seen so it was a natural goal for me. But it took me a long time to see it through.

Having a solid, safe, fast partner like Leo was absolutely critical.      


Would you like to recount about this 24 hours?

We both kind've rode these waves of psyche - the other person would take the reins when the other was feeling low energy. We stayed positive, tried hard, and had fun. Topping out the south howser at dawn , at the end of the link up, to a smokey orange sunrise was incredibly powerful for me.    


You have spent lot of time in this place, just thinking about ”Tom Egan Memorial Route”, what does it binds you to this mountains?

A lot of people have asked me this question. There is so many amazing places to go in the world !  I would say that the Bugaboos - like Yosemite - just gets better the more time you spend there. It has so much to offer and once you learn the tricks - like the descents etc , it just turns into this amazing playground.   


Do you have some other projects or dreams to make it happen there?

This was the last big project I had there.  I'll always visit , I hope, but I'd like to visit Baffin Island or Pakistan next summer. 


When your hands are not squeezed in some crack, what do you like to do?

 I hang with my girlfriend , walk the family dog , read a lot  and I am learning to skydive.


Thank you so much Will!!!

Eva Toschi


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