Lavaredo - Bellavista by Luka Krajnc

Free ascent of the route

16 September 2011   On August 21st, Slovenian climber Luka Krajnc managed  the free ascent of Bellavista on Lavaredo Cima Ovest. Bellavista was opened by Alex Huber in a solo ascent on 2001.   Urban Golob sent us the report of the ascent and magnificent pictures:   "Luka started to work on the route at the end of June this year, but conditions in the first half of the summer season were not in his favour. Bad weather and moisture under the roof caused him a lot of problems and made the hardest pitches very slippery most of July. On three of his visits Luka couldn't even seriously try the hardest pitch, since the rock was wet and that was impossible to see from the start of the route. Luka spent 10 days working the route and then finally sunny August came. August 21st was a very hot day with surprisingly dry air it all came together perfectly. Leading every pitch Luka climbed the hardest (8c) pitch on his first try and the next - 8a pitch - on his second, since he did not pay so much attention to it in the period of working the route. Everything else went smoothly including the following pitches on the Swiss and Cassin route right to the top of Cima Ovest. Luka commented: "Even the wildest dreams can come true, but only if we wish for them hard enough."   More on Luka Krajnc: Triglav winter ascent   Taghia Gorges   Sandro Pertini   Donnafugata
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