"L'or du temps", a new route in Grand Capucin by Arnaud Petit and Nina Caprez

A new and hard route on Monte Bianco signed by Petit and Caprez

20 August 2017
Arnaud Petit and Nina Caprez have opened a new line on Grand Capucin, is "L'or du temps".

That Arnaud haves a good eye for finding and opening new and hard lines destinated to become "classics" we have seen with "Le Voie Petit", opened on Grand Capucin in 1997. Will be the future of this new line to become an hard classic on Monte Bianco?

"L'or du Temps" is 13 pitches long, from 7a up to 8a, and follows a new line except for the first two pitches and the very end. Follows a vertical line on overhanging walls. The cracks protect well and we used 27 bolts + belays.

We'll wait for the free climb of the route!

" I feel blessed to have found this line -surprised to be as psyched as 20 years ago when I started another dream here, grateful to be fit enough despite my old bones and that Nina trust me and was curious enough to have a look.
Reality was even better than expected and we were a brillant team, peaceful, hard workers and lucky to take the good decisions other the 4 days we spent on this superb mountain." Arnaud Petit


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