Stoamanndl 8b by brothers Huber

In Loferer Alm Switzerland

15 September 2011       German brothers Thomas and Alexander Huber have managed on August 26th the redpoint of their  new route, "Stoamanndl", in  Loferer Alm, Switzerland  The route is  250 m long, very technical, powerful and highly demanding from psychological point of view, 8 pitches where the 2 first are the most difficult dure,  8b (L1) and  8a+ (L2).   Alexander has already explored the wall and opened an overhanging route with Guido Unterwurzacher, then was back in  Loferer Alm with the puropose to climb  Donnervogel (X) free and so he realised a new possible route on the left.         Stoamanndl   L1: X (5.13d) L2: X- (5.13c) L3: VII- (5.10b) L4: VIII+ (5.12a) L5: VII (5.10c) L6: VIII- (5.11b) L7: IX (5.12d) L8: III   Source: Kairn  Escalando  Site Huberbuam PH. Huberbuam
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