Earthquake in Nepal

The reason of the tragedy and video testimonials

26 April 2015 Yesterday  two huge earthquakes have struck Nepal causing a number of victims yet to ascertain. According to the latest news, may be increased to 2000 deaths caused by two aftershocks, one of magnitude 7.9 and the other 6.4 that hit a wide area with some major cities. The epicenter was located between Kathmandu and Pokhara but the earthquake was felt as far as New Delhi and there are also 40 victims in India and four in Bangladesh. The white giants of 8000 have not been immune to this event: it counts dead even at Everest base camp for several avalanches and landslides are detached from many different sides of mountains. What caused this terrible tragedy? Alberto Michelini, director of the National Centre earthquakes National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, explains that it was an event that had to happen sooner or later. The Indian plate slides under the Eurasian at a speed of 5 cm per year. This movement resulted in millions of years training from the Himalayas but motorcycle time stood still, accumulating energy, and then snapping like a spring. The fault affected, along 140 km, it is torn and eighty seconds has given off all its strength accumulated over years of immobility. To better understand the importance of the event, Michelini explains that in proportion it’s a phenomenon that happens in Italy along the line of the Apennines and the Alps with a movement of two millimeters per year. The intensity that follows is fortunately for us far less but just review the seismic history of our country in recent years to understand what they can do those two measly millimeters. The quake that hit Nepal it’s close to the strongest on record (in Chile, in 1960, magnitiduo 9.8) and unfortunately not be excluded other phenomena caused by the earthquake swarm that affect the area in the coming months. In the two videos, Agostino Da Polenza recounts the testimony from the center of the CNR and the Italian Gianantonio Candiani who worked in the region of the incident in Patan - source A gallery of the Everest base camp during and after the avalanche, is visible on source
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