[VIDEO] La Divina Commedia (6L, 8b+ max)

The new Simone Pedeferri super-route

14 January 2015 It’s called La Divina Commedia and is the new incredible route opened by Simone Pedeferri and Luca Schiera. This is located at Buco del Piombo (Erba, Italy), a wonderful cave very famous for his trek and some easy routes near. But this is something totally different cause the line goes up for an overhanging wall till a roof for the pitch 3 and 4. The exit is on vertical wall till a green lawn to the top. By this change of ambient, from a lugubrious ground to a heavenly top, the route takes the name La Divina Commendia and is probably a must yet cause it has a very easy approach (more or less 30 minutes) and a very interesting pitch series: L1 8b, L2 8a+, L3 8b+, L4 7c, L5 7c+/8a, L6 7b.    
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