Jasper CR4 harness

Klettern magazine awards and recommends

27 September 2013 The CAMP Jasper CR4 harness is ready to conquer Germany! The authoritative Klettern magazine has tested several harnesses form different brands, presenting the results in the 2013 August issue. The Jasper CR4 emerges as the best model, recommended by Klettern to its readers with the symbol “Empfehlung” that means “Suggested”. C.A.M.P. R&D Manager Antonio Codega is proud and happy for this important achievement: it confirms clearly the high level of our innovative products. Klettern highlights the amazing comfort ensured by the Jasper CR4 thanks to its excellent padding. The magazine says that “the gear loops are well designed. Two buckles on the waist allow to center perfectly the harness; the beefy belay loop is really reliable and works better with large carabiners”. The Jasper CR4 has gained 5 out of 5 stars for its comfort, 4 stars for wearability and 4 stars for functionality. In summary it is “a very comfortable and well refined harness, ideal in cold conditions”. The Jasper CR4 features a comfortable 6 mm EVA foam padding, Edge-Load construction on the legs, Flat-Link elastic straps with drop seat and one inch belay loop with patented No-Twist system that holds the belay carabiner securely in place to prevent the dangers of cross loading. As Klettern highlights, double buckles on the waist allow the 4 gear loops to be perfectly centered and make it easy for climbers to transition across climbing styles that require different layering systems. The Jasper CR4 is the best choice for the most challenging routes on the hugest rock walls.   Discover more detail on Jasper CR 4: http://www.camp.it/EN/template01.aspx?codicemenu=1336          

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