Osprey Italia presents its official trail running team

OSPREY and SCARPA sponsor a complete 360° team

26 April 2017
Osprey, the iconic Californian manufacturer of innovative and high-quality backpacks, is proud to present its first Italian sponsorship in the running field thanks to the support of Scarpa, the Italian brand distributor.

Scarpa sets under contract until the end of 2018 the trail runners Stefano Fantuz, Ivano Molin, Gil Pintarelli and Matteo Pigoni. Marco Campagna, Marketing Director of SCARPA/Osprey and deus ex machina of the operation, declares: "We thought of an Osprey Italia team that was very high-level competitor in the different tracks of track running, that is why we chose four top athletes in the field National team: Ivano Molin is the best choice for long races including his successes at international races such as LUT or UTMB, Stefano Fantuz and Gil Pintarelli are definitely competitive in mid-short races and Matteo Pigoni is the most versatile athlete Of the group, of great experience and engine, starting from the campers and half bottom, reaching the ultratrail with excellent results. Here's the team complete 360 ​​degrees covering the various disciplines and distances. 2017 is for the Osprey Italia Team, the first official year in the world of track running, but we are determined to play a role as a protagonist right away. Since 2018 there will be new athletes in the team".

Gil Pintarelli
Specialty: Sky Race, Sky Marathon, Ultratrail, Alpine Skiing
Born in Basel, class 81, he started with the lightweight athletics with which he traveled all the distance from the midfield to the marathon with a personal best of 2h 26 '10 "in Venice in 2005. After passing the mountain race, Races and dials keeping track of the track record. His favorite specialty today is the Sky Race, fast and fast race where strength, racing technique and balance are paramount. She says: "My main goal is to be competitive, but above all to have fun. I think this is the right spirit to continue to work and work hard every day". Among the goals of 2017 there are the Lavaredo Ultra Trail (119km, 5,850m D +), the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (170km, 10,000m D +), the Dolomites Skyrace (22km, 1,750m D +) and the Grand Trail Des Templiers in France (76km, 3.550m D +).

Ivano Molin
Specialty: Sky Race, Sky Marathon, Ultratrail
Class '73, raised in Misurina (BL) with Daddy National Instructor of the Alpine Guides who send him love for the mountain. The competition in blood since the infancy: four years start to compete with the ground and in 2000 with ski mountaineering. In 2013, Ivano began with long distance races and immediately centered two top places (Dolomiti Extreme Trail and Gore Tex Run Trail) and a second place at the Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal in Morocco (105km, 6.500m D +). The 2017 race schedule for Ivano is full: the Lavaredo Ultra Trail (119km, 5,850m D +), UTMB Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc-Chamonix (170km, 10,000m D +), Ultra Pireneu - Barcelona (110km, 6,800m D + ).

Stefano Fantuz
Specialty: Sky Race, Sky Marathon, Trail and Ultratrail
Class '86, born in a small village in the Treviso plain (Motta di Livenza), started with cross country skiing, ski roll and mountain biking. Since 2014 it focuses on mid-length races, competing mainly on distances of 40-50km with positive altitudes around 2000-3000m reaching important goals. In 2015 Stefano is unstoppable: among his best places four seconds and eight top places. In 2016, he puts the highest pitch on the podium in the Heroes Trail of the Heroes (80km, 4.000m D +), the Florence Urban Trail (45km, 1,200m D +) and the 3 Castelli Trail (50km, 3,500m D +). Among the 2017 goals for Stefano la Lavaredo Ultra Trail - Cortina d'Ampezzo (119km, 5,850m D +), Sierre Zinal in Sierre in Switzerland (31km, 2,200m D +) and the Grand trail des Templiers in Millau in France (76km, 3.550m D +).

Matthew Pigoni
Specialty: Trail, Ultratrail, Mountaineering, Cycling
Class '74, by Fiorano Modenese, runner from birth, getting the best results in the countryside and in the middle bottom. A short marathon brace getting a 2'21 in Carpi in 1998, then switching to duathlon, discipline where he won 3 Italian titles and a European title. In 2007, the trail began with the trail to the venturo winning it six times consecutively. In 2013 he gets a 12th place in the world of ultratrail. Among the 2017 goals for Matteo the Misurina Sky Marathon - Misurina (42km, 3.000m D +), the Ultra K Trail - Corniglio (PR), (60km, 4.300m D +) and the Monterosa Walser (114km, 8,240m D +).

The collaboration between Osprey and trail runners had already begun at the end of 2015 with the supply of previous models of Rev. Backpacks. The athletes provided their valuable inputs into the realization of the Duro Backpack, now used by the four athletes during training sessions and the Sky Race, Sky Marathon and Ultratrail competitions in Italy and Europe. The Duro line represents one of the highest standards of innovation and technology applied to a running backpack. The new Springpack '17 backpack has conquered the prestigious OutDoor Award, recognition of Osprey's attention to detail and its countless features that make this running backpack a new industry standard.

For more details about the company: OSPREY, SCARPA

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