TORX®: nuovi sponsor per l’edizione 2021

In addition to the already confirmed Sponsors and the Main Sponsor Karpos, Garmin Italia, Rewoolution, SCARPA, Mizu and FLOKY join the TORX® team.

26 January 2021

TORX: the epic adventure on the trails of the Aosta Valley announces the annual agreements with the new sponsors for the 2021 edition. Important and highly recognized brands in the outdoor scene such as Garmin Italia, Rewoolution, SCARPA and Mizu have decided to participate in the realization of the event. To complete the list of sponsorships for the new edition of races, he joins also the Italian startup FLOKY.

The first big news relating to the new commercial partnerships concerns Karpos, which becomes Main Sponsor starting this year. The Italian company has signed a three-year deal with TORX®, establishing a virtuous collaboration that also enhances the value of Made in Italy and a shared spirit of adventure.

The partnership with all the sponsors of TORX® is the result of a strong sharing of values: sustainability, sports ethics, professionalism, the centrality of man, Made in Italy, a common vision of the outdoor world and the indissoluble bond between man and nature. TORX® is a unique event recognized worldwide. Physical preparation is a basic element to face TORX®, but it is above all the heart and the head that dictate the pace and make the difference
along the way: participating in TORX® means challenging yourself and redefining your physical and mental limits.

«TORX® has the ability to teach something even when you are not running – says Alessandra Nicoletti, president of VDA Trailers – even when it cannot be organized. Its presence has made itself felt even more in this last year, TORX® is an emotion that never goes out. It has been a year without races, but the spirit of TORX® has not diminished and the awareness has grown more and more of how much TORX® is much more than its kilometers. It is a passion for the mountains, it is a commitment to the environment, it is a mix of stories and tales. For this reason we have confirmed solid friendships and tightened new collaborations with brands, but above all with companies, made up of people, driven by the same values, the same ethics and the same dreams, with which to undertake a year-long journey, with the hope that this is just the beginning of a great adventure».

The new Sponsors are market leaders in the outdoor world segment: Garmin is the technological partner of this new edition. Leading company in the production and development of devices dedicated to monitoring, tracking and analysis of sports activity and navigation in any environment. Rewoolution, the activewear brand of the Reda Group, stands out for its garments in 100% sustainable and traced merino wool, as well as for its philosophy based on the concept of Naturally Beautiful, which expresses the desire of modern man to blend in authentic with nature. SCARPA is among the Italian sponsoring companies for the 2021 edition and has been recognized as a world leader for over eighty years in the production of mountain footwear and outdoor activities. Mizu, a brand that takes its name from the Japanese word meaning “water”, completes the list of new sponsors and occupies an important place among the names of those who have taken the values ​​of sustainability and environmental protection to heart. Another Made in Italy excellence to have entered into a partnership with TORX® is FLOKY. The young startup is unique in the sports market for the production of socks: scientific innovation, experience, cutting-edge research and development have made it possible to create a product that exploits the principles of applied biomechanics and improves athletic performance.

The TORX® will take place from 11 to 19 September and during the year there will be TOR in Tour appointments organized together with the sponsors. In fact, each brand will have the opportunity to make its identity better known through digital and face-to-face events and to tell the bond established with TORX® through the stories, tales and emotions of this unique event, addressing an increasingly wider audience and varied.

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