Blue Heart: exclusive projection in Milan

The film by Patagonia edit to protect the latest uncontaminated rivers of Europe, approves in the European Cinema

24 April 2018
Patagonia's latest documentary film, Blue Heart, describes the struggle to protect Europe's last pristine rivers and focuses attention on a potential environmental disaster that could affect our continent.

Exclusive screening on Friday 4th May at 7.00 pm in Milan, at Patagonia Store, Corso Garibaldi 127.

The Balkan peninsula between Slovenia and Albania is home to the last pristine rivers of Europe where over 3,000 potential hydropower projects threaten to destroy the culture and environment of this forgotten region. If fierce local opposition were to fail, 20,000 kilometers of bright and pristine streams, rushing tributaries and streams of the continent's last pristine waterways would be forever damaged by thousands of dams and diversions, at a time when the construction of dams is been discontinued in most developed countries.

Blue Heart documents the struggle to defend the Vjosa river in Albania, the largest pristine river in Europe, efforts to save the endangered Balkan lynx in Macedonia and the long protest by Kruščica women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which aims to safeguard the only source of freshwater in their community.

"With this incredible number of hydroelectric dams and derivations proposed in the Balkan Peninsula we are witnessing what could be an irreversible environmental destruction, but there is very little awareness of this problem in Europe and in the world - says Ryan Gellert, Director General, EMEA, Patagonia - Our hope is that this film will draw international attention to the local communities that fight to protect the rivers that flow freely and offer their livelihood, and that educates people about why hydroelectric dams are an obsolete and not clean technology".

Produced by Patagonia, in collaboration with the NPOs of the Balkan region and across Europe, directed by Britton Caillouette (Farm League) and with music by Andrew Bird, the film is a crucial instrument of the fight aimed at increasing the global awareness of the Save the campaign. Blue Heart of Europe. In the film and throughout the campaign, Patagonia invites the Italian public to take the field and sign an online petition to put pressure on developers and foreign banks who are financing dam construction projects, even within protected areas.

Information about the director
Britton Caillouette has been making outdoor films for over ten years. A history student with a keen eye for photography and a love for the most difficult productions, he distinguishes himself for a unique style of visual storytelling and for the humanity of which his stories are imbued. Britton directed his first documentary in war-torn West Africa while he was a student at Stanford University and won awards for his work in both the film and advertising category, including a Cannes Lion. It is represented by Farm League (previous Farm League films for Patagonia include The Fisherman's Son and Unbroken Ground).

Act to protect the last pristine rivers of Europe here!

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