Calze GM in Ecuador with the researcher Mauro Gobbi

The collaboration between Calze GM and the Science Museum of Trento is going on, with a new mission that commits Mauro Gobbi in a research expedition in the Andes.

02 March 2017
The ecologist and entomologist Mauro Gobbi, a researcher MuSe, left in late February for Quito, Ecuador's capital located at 2850 above sea level, to carry out a research expedition in the Andes.

The project is titled Les Insectes du sol, marqueurs de l'anthropisation et du changement climatique en haute montagne: étude comparée dans les Pyrénées et les Andes.

The working environment will be characterized by mild temperatures during the day, about 15 C degrees, although very rainy with strong sags during the night hours, about -5 ° C. During the expedition, Gobbi will use professional equipment and technical mountaineering Calze GM:

- Alp Thermo 1585, ideal socks for use at high altitudes, made of wool GM merino  extra-fine and cashmere
- Alp Comfort in 2413, particularly durable socks, breathable and comfortable in All Season Technology by Coolmax
- Gloves code 3960 stretch fabric, warm and breathable, and liners code 3360 in stretch silk with thermal function
- Cap #maifermi code 4236 merino wool and fleece, warm and breathable

The objectives of the andean expedition will be understand the effects of climate change, analyze the retreat of glaciers located at altitudes 4500 meters and observe the distribution of endemic species of insects in the Pyrenees and the Andes. The study of endemic insect communities living on the edge of the glaciers on the slopes of the major volcanoes ecuadorians Chimborazo (6268 m), Antisana (5704 m) and Carihuarazo (5160 m), will allow to estimate the risk of extinction.

Moreover, Gobbi along with international research group, coordinated by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) will retrace the same routes that, at the end of '800 followed great naturalists and alpinists like Alexander von Humboldt and Edward Whymper who during their expeditions gathered samples insect indicating on their notebooks, in minute detail, the place of discovery, altitude and date. In the same spots Mauro Gobbi and the team colleagues will perform new collections of insects in order to analyze, through modern analytical techniques of the community changes over time and in relation to the withdrawal of the glaciers.

At the meeting took place in Stockings GM, Mauro Gobbi explained that «The Ecuadorian glaciers are retreating with particular speed is therefore a priority to understand what organisms live their margins and what is their risk of extinction. Then I will bring my experience gained in nearly fifteen years of monitoring and distribution of the wealth of insects living on the edge of the Alpine glaciers to work in synergy with our French colleagues and Ecuadorians and try to provide one more step in the understanding of the effects of changes global climate».

To Calze GM this is the continuation of last year started partnership with MuSe which provides active support for research and studies on the melting of Alpine glaciers. A very important issue for the company thirties who for years has adopted the protocol Love Our Planet: 100% made in Italy, strict selection of raw materials, Oeko-Tex 100 certification and packaging made of recycled cardboard, printed with vegetable inks.

Information and details at Calze GM.

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