FERRINO supports the decision of Krzysztof Wielicki and his team

FERRINO tsupports the Polish expedition on the K2, participating in the decision to renounce the climb

12 March 2018
Ferrino, having learned the decision of the withdrawal of the Polish expedition engaged in the attempt of the first winter ascent of K2, supports the difficult choice made by the expedition leader and its members.

Proud to have supported the expedition to the last summit above 8000m never ascended in winter, the Turin company hopes to have the honor to participate in any future attempts.

FERRINO was the technical sponsor of this important expedition organized by the Polish Mountaineering Federation and supported by the Polish Ministry of Sport and Tourism.

"We know that we only have 5% chance of getting to the top – said Krzysztof Wielicki – but it's just trying to do it. If we had never dared in the past there would not be all the Polish successes in the high mountains".

Krzysztof Wielicki, head of the expedition that boasts the first ascent of an eight thousand winter, Everest (1980, together with Leszek Cichy), and two other first winter ascents, on the Kangchenjunga in 1986 (with Jerzy Kukuczka) and on the Lhotse, alone.

With Wielicki, Janusz Gołąb, Jarosław Bator (doctor), Dariusz Załuski (director), Adam Bielecki, Marcin Kaczkan, Artur Małek, Marek Chmielarski, Rafał Fronia, Piotr Tomala, Maciek Bedrejczuk, Piotr Snopczyński and Denis Urubko (Russian Kazakh who has also been a Polish citizen for two years).

The Polish team was equipped with Ferrino Svalbard 3 curtains, an icon of the Piedmontese brand that celebrates this year the 30th anniversary and the fourth restyling. Other tents used by the Poles in this expedition are the Pilier 2, designed to withstand high winds at high altitudes.

In addition to the curtains, Ferrino participated in the expedition by supplying the Radical 45+10 backpack, characterized by the composite fiber fabric of DSM Dynemma, lightweight but at the same time very resistant.

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