La Sportiva 90th Anniversary Storytelling

A web-series for 90 years of history

13 June 2018
In the year of the ninetieth anniversary the company of Ziano di Fiemme is told through a web-series that celebrates the failures that lie behind some great innovations

Time of celebrations for La Sportiva! After the great event in Trento on May 23rd, the printing of a 196-page storytelling book that will be available on the company website starting from the autumn and available in digital format in June, La Sportiva launches a web-series dedicated to its failures unveiling some stories and behind-the-scenes behind the great innovations of these 90 years.

Through the words of the protagonists of today and then among which athletes of the caliber of Manolo, Simone Moro, Reinhold Messner and Adam Ondra, La Sportiva tells a story made of perseverance, passion and dedication. And it does so starting from single episodes such as the launch of the famous series of Trango mountain boots in the nineties and the creation of the very secret Spanish compound, which in the 70s was at the feet of all climbers, which was actually produced in Rovereto, starting from racing car tires.

Alongside the two episodes lasting 13 minutes there are also short stories focusing on the Delladio Family and on the R & D department that directly and sincerely tell the family stories that allow us to fully understand the corporate culture, built through 90 years of passion and innovation. in the world of mountaineering.

The Web-Series is already available on the youtube channel of La Sportiva and will see the release of the last episode, the Spanish compound in fact, in conjunction with the Rock Master of Arco on 27 July.

The storytelling project, complete with videos, images and texts taken from the 90th anniversary book, can be consulted in full on the LA SPORTIVA 90th page.

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