ORTOVOX - Merino wool story

The Bavarian company opens the supply chain of its Merino wool to the public, setting up its success on transparency, traceability and respect for nature

10 May 2017
In 1995 ORTOVOX introduced the Merino wool in the outdoor sports industry, thus giving rise to success which has accompanied the Bavarian company.

In an effort to show the public what the supply chain of its products is taken care of in every detail, ORTOVOX has launched a communication campaign focusing on the relationship that the company of Taufkirchen has with years Tasmanian farms, which bore the wool Merino of its leaders. A cooperation between Ortovox and breeders of Tasmania from the beginning characterized by friendship, transparency and highest standards in animal breeding.

In ORTOVOX MERINO STORY they are collected the testimonies of the protagonists of each stage of production of Merino wool: from the SHEARING to WASHING, from WOOL TOP PRODUCTION to the CREATION OF MERINO YARN, without neglecting the EUROPE-BASED PRODUCTION and WOOL FUNCTIONALITY. ORTOVOX offers through its reportage, portraits of the protagonists and videos a comprehensive look at MORE FUNCTIONAL FIBER existing in NATURE.

TRANSPARENCY and TRACEABILITY occupy the first place in the interests of the company, so as to ensure the commitment of the farmer in producing their wool Merino following the directives of ORTOVOX WOOL POLICY, of course, to ensure the respect of the animals and their natural environment.

Information on ORTOVOX and his stories, please visit the corporate website ORTOVOX.com

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