PATAGONIA: Tools for Grassroots Activists

PATAGONIA published a book dedicated to the tools useful for an eco-sustainable business

04 April 2017
The Californian company, for years engaged in the fight for the environment and careful business to ecological dynamics, has prepared a volume entitled TOOLS FOR GRASSROOTS ACTIVISTS with the goal of providing important tips for those who want to do the eco company's commitment.

The commitment that the founder, Yvon Chouinard, took over twenty years ago and still is part of the corporate mission guide PATAGONIA:

«Use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis».

To dispel the idea that business and protecting the planet are diametrically opposite the California company has drawn up the volume Tools for Grassroots Activists, which are also highlighted some of the major social and environmental initiatives supported by Patagonia, including:

The transition to the exclusive 100% organic cotton, dating back to 20 years ago.

The Worn Wear initiative: all products are sold under the Patagonia Ironclad Guarantee. Also, touring Europe with the van Worn Wear, PATAGONIA encourages customers to repair broken or worn out garments and equipment (of any brand) to prolong their lives, keeping them well in circulation longer.

1% For The Planet ®: the company donates 1% of annual sales to groups of activists to protect the environment. Only last they were destined 7.1 million dollars to finance environmental campaigns and initiatives around the world.

The improvement of the production chain: promoted through the Chemical and Environmental Impacts Program (CEIP).

The expansion of the product line with Fair Trade Certification: PATAGONIA started in autumn 2014 with the launch of 10 models Fair Trade, all made in the same establishment. In autumn 2016 instead proposed more than 192 models produced in six factories. For fall 2017, the company plans to offer its customers some 300 fair trade models, packaged in 13 different factories.

Creating a network of activists and campaigns by The New Localism platform - Local Reality Featured, through the voice of athletes and activists, PATAGONIA Vuola inspire individuals and communities to protect the places they love.

The inspiration and the strength of the DamNation movement: supporting a growing movement that aims to block across Europe the construction of new dams and to promote the dismantling of obsolete ones. In the Balkan peninsula, from Slovenia to Albania, PATAGONIA has assisted numerous organizations, through the campaign Save the Blue Heart of Europe, ask the individual national governments and the European Union to protect the last free flowing rivers in Europe.

The conference Tools for Grassroots Activists: for the first time, in 2016, PATAGONIA organized the conference in Europe, with 43 participating environmental organizations, aiming to create new strategic competencies for the organization of campaigns, for communication, fundraising and tiling businesses. Also simultaneously also he published the book Tools for Grassroots Activists to help activists to acquire new skills.

To find out more about the organizations supported by PATAGONIA on the website or on the socio-environmental initiatives in the second half of this volume.

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