PATAGONY: determined to change the industry

How does a whole production sector change? With a knit at a time

20 October 2017
The most ethical collection of PATAGONIA, Better Sweater and Fair Trade Certified

Everyone deserves the right to work in safe conditions and to earn a salary that can meet the basic necessities of everyday life. The PATAGONIA Fair Trade Certified program allows the Californian company to pay a cash bonus to workers who will then decide in full autonomy how to use this sum: from creating nurseries to increasing the payroll amount. This year, 27% of the entire PATAGONIA product line will be manufactured in Fair Trade certified sewing facilities.

Better Sweater Collection: concrete benefits for workers and positive influence for change, these are the two key points on which PATAGONIA has decided to invest its own strengths.

PATAGONIA is today the most active clothing manufacturer in Fair Trade certified sewing facilities. For the fall 2017, the Fair Trade certified product range will extend to 300 models, equivalent to 27% of the entire American manufacturer's line.

Best Sweater: These are knitted garments made of knitted polyester yarn with mélange yarns dyed with a new low impact process that significantly reduces the use of dyes, electricity and water compared to the traditional dyeing volumes (- 49% CO², - 65% water and - 15% coloring agents).

"Most consumers recognize that the garments they buy are made with certain materials, but it is also important to understand that these garments are packaged by hand, and those who do this work deserve to be visible and recognized – said Helena Barbour, vicechairman of the sportswear industry in Patagonia – Fair Trade is a means to achieve this: it is something beyond the simple pay of a gratification to workers: it is a concrete way to positively influence life, but also to have an impact on companies brands and customers who can make purchasing choices".

PATAGONIA's participation in the Fair Trade campaign has grown rapidly over the years. In autumn 2014, it launched with the launch of 10 Fair Trade models, all made in the same factory, for fall 2016 the number of items rose to 192, produced in six different factories. Most of the factories that join the Fair Trade initiative are in Asia, but PATAGONIA is the first clothing company to have extended the program to factories in Mexico, Central America and the United States. Patagonia is one of over 1000 companies that represent 30 product categories and sells items with Fair Trade Certified certification. Since the beginning of the program, in 1998, farmers and textile workers who participated in the initiative have overall earned cash bonuses for around 400 million $.

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