Patagonia closes all its stores around the world to invite employees and customers to participate in the global climate strike

25 September 2019
Patagonia has closed and will close all its stores in the world to support climate strikes.

The first took place September 20, while the second will take place on Friday 27, to ensure that employees can take part.

Several events, organized globally, will call for the end of the fossil fuel era and will demand climate justice for all. In many countries of the world they were held on Friday 20 September, while in the Netherlands and Italy they will take place on Friday 27 September, the day in which in the stores of Cortina, Milan and Montebelluna the cases will remain closed.

Patagonia stores, and all offices in Europe, will allow their workers to take part in local events.

Ryan Gellert, Patagonia's General Manager EMEA, explained the company's decision: "The climate crisis is a human issue that affects us all. We are inspired by young activists who are carrying out a global movement and, like them, Patagonia is calling for urgent and decisive action for the good of people and the planet. As an international company, we will close our stores on September 20th and 27th, we will demonstrate with young activists and ask governments around the world to intervene. We invite companies and anyone who is concerned about the fate of the Earth and mankind to react concretely and join us. "

Patagonia is stimulated and inspired by the young activists who are mobilizing in favor of climate action and, like them, believes that the time has come for governments around the world to implement the changes needed to cope with overheating. Planet. To amplify this message, the brand is enhancing its campaign through an important purchase of advertising space along the path of the events in different cities, in stores, but also on paper, digital and social media platforms. In Europe, the initiative involves the cities of London and Berlin.

The creativity of the campaign is based on photographic portraits of young activists on whom the slogan Facing extinction appears. These are the faces of those who are facing the global climate crisis "putting their faces", striking peacefully, protesting and urging politicians to act. Furthermore, a hand-painted photorealistic mural depicting one of the European activists was made in the Mitte district of Berlin. The call-to-action in Europe is as follows: "Young activists demonstrate for the future of our planet. Join them. Find the event on the climate closest to you ”.

A video in unskippable mode, which cannot be skipped, and which depicts young activists is highlighted on the official website of Patagonia, accompanied by a clear and urgent message: we must take measures for the climate now because, without changes radicals, humans risk ending up on the list of endangered species.

Through the online finder you can find all the events scheduled in your geographical area.

To learn more about Patagonia, its history of activism and its mission, you can visit the official website.

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