Vaude wins the Demographics Exzellenz Award

VAUDE wins the German Demographic Excellence Award 2017, in the category "Fremd & Heimisch" (foreign and local)

02 October 2017

For years, VAUDE, a company specialized in outdoor products, has promoted the integration of refugees, providing them with job opportunities

VAUDE recently received the German Demographic Excellence Award 2017, in the category "Fremd & Heimisch" (foreign and local), for its commitment to refugees. The prize-giving ceremony at the end of August in Berlin was attended by Miriam Schilling, HR Manager at VAUDE. A few hours before the award ceremony, the candidates submitted their projects to the jury, evaluated and awarded at the end of the evening. VAUDE has emerged as a winner.

Miriam Schilling, HR Manager at VAUDE, said: "We are proud of supporting a flagship project and being a source of inspiration for many. We are happy that our commitment has been recognized and appreciated, especially now that we are fighting the expulsion of refugees. It would have been a defeat both professionally and personally".

In addition to VAUDE, the German railway company Deutsche Bahn AG, Siemens AG and the Diakonisches Werk of Evangelische Landeskirche Baden e.V. in the category "Fremd & Heimisch". All the projects presented were focused on integration, migration, intercultural approaches and the challenges that these issues present to society and the labor market.

The VAUDE company, in fact, is committed to facilitating the social integration of refugees by offering them good prospects in the workplace. It organizes sewing workshops and internships to allow refugees to understand how the job market works in Germany. In October 2016 he organized an open day giving everyone the opportunity to be able to inform about the job opportunities at the company. Since then VAUDE has assigned permanent positions to nine refugees and this year offers its employees a free German language course to facilitate integration from a linguistic and cultural point of view.

Demographics Exzellenz Award: the mission of this initiative is to address the consequences of demographic change. The core of this project is the Demographic Excellence Award. Companies and organizations are rewarded for participating in flagship projects that require a change of business, staff, and product policies. Since 2003, the Baden-Württemberg Forum of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater BDU e.V has been awarded the award and since 2003 also in collaboration with Demographie Netzwerk e.V. (ddn). This year, prizes were awarded to 11 categories.

More information on the Demographic Excellence Award 2017 at: demografie exzellenz award.

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