Climb for Inclusion: CLIMBING TECHNOLOGY together with SPORTFUND

With CLICK-UP + Climbing Technology brings the mountaineering world closer to people with disabilities or in situations of hardship

04 July 2018
Climbing Technology, world leader in the design and production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), presented in Friedrichshafen, on the occasion of the OutDoor professional exhibition, the partnership with Sportfund foundation for sport Onlus in the "Climb for inclusion" project.

The project aims to spread alpinism as a tool for personal growth and social inclusion, as well as to live the beauty of the mountains and the values ​​of mountaineering.

Mountain sports, combined with the aesthetic pleasure of the environment in which they are practiced, are a precious reference for the development of new generations as they transmit fundamental values ​​such as moral strength, solidarity, recognition of talent and personal commitment.

In particular, for young people with disabilities or in situations of social hardship, the project provides economic and technical tools to get excited about sport, favoring a positive path to mental and physical health.

With the collaboration of Sportfund, Climbing Technology has created the "Climb for inclusion" fund, to instill the values ​​of alpinism in young people. The company from Bergamo has also been involved in the production of equipment that facilitates the practice of athletes with disabilities.

Among these, Click-Up + that during the rope stop phase emits the characteristic "click" sound that guarantees the user to have it installed correctly: a peculiarity useful for the autonomy and safety of climbers with disabilities, in particular blind or visually impaired.

The project will be a dynamic container of ideas, human and technological resources to promote and support the practice of mountain sports as an extraordinary instrument of integration.

The whole Sportfund team is enthusiastic about this new project and is grateful for the confidence that the management of Climbing Technology has granted to this initiative that wishes to contribute to social development and inclusion.

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