Photocontest launched by E9 which aims at the goal of your mobile phones on environmental protection

08 May 2019
Planet Earth calls Planet E9!

E9 launches a small initiative for all those who like to have fun among the stones or on the larger walls.

Objective: to sensitize the community to respect climbing and nature areas!
A lot is talked about today. But be careful not to get confused: protecting the environment is not a trend, protecting the spaces that we invade as human beings is not a trend. Respecting nature is our duty! It is from small actions that you train yourself to great changes.

And so you too can help with keeping the areas you frequent clean, you just need ... your hands!

From 12 to 19 May E9 challenges you to do your best! Collect as much dirt as you find in the cliffs or between the blocks, take a nice picture and post it on Instagram by geolocating and tagging #e9cleancragdays.

The best 3 photos will be awarded with E9 products.

Listen to the nature, preserve the planet!

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