Concrete help for those who live in the mountains

27 November 2020
10% of the turnover generated by the Karpos online shop from 20 to 30 November will be donated to the mountain rescue stations

Karpos has decided to support the mountains and the people who live on them by donating 10% of the turnover generated by its online shop to the Alpine Rescue stations.

Veneto, Piedmont and Tuscany are the regions with which Karpos has been collaborating for years, and it is they who will receive the revenues from the online sales of the Belluno company. The proceeds will be used, in addition to supporting the aid to mountaineers in difficulty, for the school training that the rescue will carry out to educate them to respect the mountains.

«Resilience. A very fashionable word today and on everyone's lips. A capacity that has spread because each of us, some more or less, has been put to the test by this difficult period – said Karpos – Communities used to living in harmony with the surrounding environment, whether they are close to the mountains or less, they have always been resilient and have always found a way to react to the elements that have disturbed the balance. At Karpos we are doing everything to react and to help make the communities linked to us react. First of all, continuing to do what we know how to do: producing clothing to supply and help physical stores scattered throughout the territory around the world. Continuing to produce at the same level as before means continuing to make people work. It doesn't matter if we work a lot harder than before to get the same results, that's okay today. It is essential that the mechanism does not stop».

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