La Sportiva: best communication 2018

The Trentino company wins the prize among 500 Italian SMEs announced by the Corriere della Sera and IULM Milan University

02 April 2019
On the occasion of the meeting "Italy generates the future?" Held on March 15th at Palazzo Mezzanotte, home of the stock exchange, and organized by the weekly newspaper L'Economia del Corriere della Sera, the Rector of IULM Prof. Gianni Canova delivered the expected "Company is communication" award for its first edition.

The award was given to the companies that best distinguished themselves for their communicative skills in the just-neglected year. Among the 500 virtuous Italian small and medium enterprises, chosen according to 23 parameters and scientific criteria underlying the analysis coordinated by Prof. Stefania Romenti, referent of the master's degree course in Strategic Communication, the Absolute First Prize went to La Sportiva , which has proven to be the company that has best managed to combine economic growth and effective communication over the past 5 years.

"That communication has always been a central factor in the social sphere - said the Rector Canova - is shown by how in history every innovative event in industry and entrepreneurship has also been an innovation in communication".

On the ceremony stage the President and CEO of the company Lorenzo Delladio withdrew in addition to the first prize also the special mention for the video that narrates with greater effectiveness and creativity its own corporate story and for the best use of Facebook over the last year. La Sportiva in 2018 told through a multimedia narrative, which involved media such as social media, e-commerce, paper monograph, anniversary celebration event and various communication activities on national and international magazines, its 90 years of history in what has been recognized by the jury of the award organized by Corriere della Sera, as a new style, fresh, creative and in step with the times.

"It has always been crucial for this company to innovate in every area - said Delladio - starting from the product that is what today allows us to stay on the market and compete with global brands, to the processes with which we get it to communication: it is a prize that recognizes the constant work and investments of a company that has never been afraid to risk and innovate".

"The past year - adds Luca Mich, marketing operations manager in charge of the communication department - has brought with it several challenges including that of telling the company history in a modern and dynamic way. We worked on the concept of "heritage", a word that encompasses history and the future, trying to do it in a fresh and trans-media way: this is how our marketing team likes to tackle the most complex and challenging projects".

"The company has been using social media since the time of myspace - comments Serena Dezolt, social media & content specialist - always trying to produce valuable content for its fan base: we have a" content is the king "approach where before comes what we want to tell and only later, as a direct consequence if we work well, performances related to like and user involvement".

Best Communication ever and Best Communication on Facebook, therefore, 2 awards of the 3 to be won to testify that the made in Italy in which companies can excel today regards both the product and the communication.

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