La Sportiva Storytelling Project

La Sportiva athletes tell their stories

10 May 2015 The journey. This theme is as vast as the land beneath our feet and as endless as the horizon. In these four episodes filmed on the occasion of the 2015 Melloblocco, Ambassadors Anthony Gullsten, Fabian Buhl, Nalle Hukkataival and Silvio Reffo tell their stories. The ambassadors are all climbers, men with a thirst for adventure, research and exploration. However, in this video-storytelling project by Matteo Pavana filmed exclusively for La Sportiva, we deliberately try to move away from the sheer size of the performance and the result, in an attempt to gain a closer insight of the daily reality of the climbers themselves. A reality based on great humility and gratitude, in the knowledge that their daily routine is in the eyes of many viewed as a rare "privilege". Together we share moments of an individual experience reaching conclusions that are made of fleeting sensations that are difficult to explain. The common desire of all these athletes is to never stop living their lives as a unique chance to discover new areas in all spheres.  At the basis there lies a growing desire to share these personal moments, these unique and diverse stories with people of different cultures and languages.  There is no desire to escape from reality, but rather, a race towards a tomorrow that is always new and unknown.  This climbing world storytelling experience is an experiment undertaken for the simple pleasure of having the opportunity to talk about these climbers as never before in a new and appealing way.  For once we do not talk simply about climbing shoes, rock climbing grades or special achievements, we talk about men, dreams, aspirations. Bon voyage!  

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