MAMMUT: Snow & Safety Tour 17/18

Workshop with alpine guides and presentation of new BARRYVOX S and BARRYVOX appliances

21 November 2017
For the winter season 2017/18, Mammu has a new generation of Barryvox® devices, the strengths for these new devices are ease of use and high performance, especially with regard to scope.

We have already presented the brand news by MAMMUT about ARTVA devices, illustrating how the new Barryvox and Barryvox S models represent the last stage of a 45-year long journey.

Mammut has decided to present its brand-new devices for the search for the surgeons in avalanche by organizing a tour of appointments, during which you will be able to attend lessons held by a selected team of alpine guides and test by hand the products of the Barryvox line , all followed by Mammut technicians ready to answer any doubt and perplexity.

The workshops are open to the public: the topics discussed are of fundamental importance for safely approaching the mountain during the winter; the themes will be affronted with a technical cut and we invite all users of these devices to be present.

Below are the dates of the Snow & Safety tour

  • 22/11       FALETTI SPORT (BS)
  • 23/11       FIORELLI SPORT (SO)
  • 25-26/11  SPORTLER TEST DAYS, Val Senales (BZ)
  • 29/11       FREE SPORT LABS (VA)
  • 30/11       BONI SPORT (GE)
  • 01/12       DIEMME SPORT (BG)
  • 05/12       WINE (AO)
  • 06/12       HEART OF SPORTS (TO)
  • 13/12       JOLLY SPORT (VB)
  • 16/12       SPLITDAY (AO)

Places for each date are limited. The public is invited to confirm participation in the event by registering within one week before the date by contacting the store directly.

Presentations are held in Italian.

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