PATAGONIA: Our urgent gift to the Planet

Putting $10 million back into the planet

03 December 2018
During the Christmas holidays, the outdoor clothing company Patagonia will donate 10 million dollars derived from the tax cuts imposed by President Trump to environmental associations.

In this regard, Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia, said in a post on Linkedin: "Based on the irresponsible tax cut of the US government, Patagonia will have less to the tax authorities, 10 million less. Instead of putting this money back into our business, we respond by returning 10 million to the environment. Our planet-house needs more than us (...) Taxes protect the most vulnerable of our society, our public lands and other resources that give life - concluded Marcario - and despite this, the administration Donald Trump has initiated a tax cut for companies threatening these services to the detriment of our planet."

Since 1985, Patagonia has donated 1% of its profits to support environmental organizations around the world, funding activists struggling to protect the environment in the countries and communities where the same company is involved. The donation of 10 million dollars will be added to the funds allocated to NGOs that are fighting to defend the planet, including the regenerative biological agriculture movement, which, according to Marcario, "will not only slow down the climate crisis, but could start to reverse it".

The California company's announcement coincided with the spread of the US government agencies' report on the devastating impact on the environmental damage economy.

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