PATAGONIA: Protect Wild Fish

Patagonia supports local NGO in the fight for the protection of wild fish in Iceland

15 May 2019
Online the new short film "Protect Wild Fish" to support the Artifishal campaign

The last environmental campaign of Patagonia, Artifishal, highlights the problems caused by fish farms in the open sea and the threat to wild salmon and other coastal fish species worldwide.

After the release of the feature film currently on tour in Europe, Patagonia went to Iceland with fly fishing Ambassadors Mikael Frodin and Katka Švagrova to make a video on the current situation, with local NGO actively involved in protecting wild fish.

Nord Atlantic Salmon Fund Iceland (NASF) and Icelandic Wildlife Fund (IWF) are fighting against the exponential expansion of fish farming, which increasingly threatens the existence of wild fish and surrounding nature.

«The most beautiful thing about Iceland is its diversity - said Jón Kaldal of IWF - Iceland is, in a sense, the last frontier of the wild Atlantic salmon.»

In 1970, globally there were 10 million wild Atlantic salmon eggs, now only three million remain. Mikael Frodin, who travels all over the world, including Iceland, said that the amount of fish entering the rivers is half as much as in the past to fish. Currently there are about 8 million Atlantic salmon bred annually in Iceland, but the plan is to triple the size of the industry.

«We are extremely concerned about the growth of salmon farms in offshore networks in Iceland – said Fridleifur Gudmundsson, director of NASF Iceland – We believe this is the biggest threat to wild Atlantic salmon in our rivers.»

The survival of wild fish, including Atlantic salmon, sea trout and alpine char, is in danger and we must act now.

«In Iceland we have one of the largest wild areas in Europe - said Jón in the short film launched by Patagonia this week (Protect Wild Fish) - Our generation does not have the right to ruin it, it has a duty to preserve it for future generations.»

It is possible to support the conservation of wild fish, and the species and communities that depend on them, by signing the petition supported by the North Atlantic Salmon Fund Iceland, Redd Villaksen - NASF Norway, Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland and Salmon Watch Ireland.

Here is the short film about how battles in Iceland are being fought for the sake of the sea and the whole environment.
At this link you can sign and share the petition.

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