SAT and La Sportiva together for the mountains

The four-year partnership between the two Trentino companies is underway

02 September 2020
The agreement between La Sportiva, a Trentino brand that produces outdoor footwear and clothing, and the Tridentini Alpinists Society (SAT) was officially signed last night.

The SAT, the Trentino section of the CAI which has over 27,000 members in the area and has among its objectives the maintenance of over 5,500 kilometers of trails and the active dissemination of mountain culture throughout the region, has signed the collaboration agreement with the historian outdoor brand.

The next 4 years will therefore see two of the most important Italian realities in the mountain area collaborate actively. La Sportiva, which officially becomes Technical Partner, will allocate resources to all SAT activities in general and to projects strongly linked to the enhancement and redevelopment of the territory.

An example of the activity of the SAT immediately attributable to the care of the territory concerns the maintenance of high altitude trails, a tradition with 150 years of history that is part of the global environmental conservation project that goes under the name of 1% For the Planet. In general, however, all the advisory committees and the technical groups of the SAT will in fact be involved in various capacities in an overall view of environmental redevelopment of the territory.

The international association 1% For the Planet to which La Sportiva adheres and to which the SAT also participates now, provides for the commitment by the companies involved in allocating at least 1% of turnover to practices of respect, conservation and environmental requalification .

"This collaboration - said the President of SAT Anna Facchini during last night's meeting - allows us to look to the future with greater serenity and vision. With La Sportiva we have a medium / long-term program that will allow us to support various initiatives for the enhancement of the territory and the dissemination of mountain culture, also through the active involvement of testimonials, athletes and influencers, linked to the company and who will allow us to amplify the message on all channels of an international brand with strong roots in its community. The 1% For the Planet project and the SAT / LA Sportiva co-marketing project will also allow the financing of specific projects and initiatives of the various sections of the association".

"When the opportunity arose to support SAT in its numerous cultural initiatives - adds Lorenzo Delladio, CEO and President of La Sportiva - I thought it was happening at a particularly significant moment: following the epidemic and the experience of lock-down that all of us have experienced, we are in fact experiencing a new season of rebirth for outdoor activities, where issues such as safety and training related to going to the mountains, as well as maintenance operations of shelters and paths, are as much as ever agenda given the masses of people often novice who are approaching outdoor activities at high altitude. Added to this are the extensive damage caused to our woods by the VAIA storm and which still require numerous interventions and resources for their restoration. It is therefore up to us companies and organizations present in the area to support the requalification as far as our strength is concerned and to raise awareness on the right approach to the mountains. What could initially have been a simple collaboration through the production of official SAT La Sportiva branded uniforms, soon turned into something much higher and of value both for the members, for mountain enthusiasts and for the company. itself".

For the Val di Fiemme brand, the collaboration is added and completed, with an immediate impact on the territory to which it belongs, the pro-environment activities collected in the latest social responsibility report which, following the entry into 1% For the Planet, are important investments destined annually to initiatives, bodies and associations that actively contribute to the protection of the environment. The details of the collaboration were presented last night during the meeting with the presidency of the SAT, the presidents of the Commissions, the Groups and the staff of the association. Furthermore, from this evening the presidency of the SAT has organized a tour of seven sectional meetings on the territory with the aim of illustrating the cornerstones of the collaboration.

Among the numerous activities that will be identified, the agreement provides for an active collaboration in the field of communication, with exchanges of visibility and creation of common tools, the exclusive production and supply of La Sportiva branded garments logged in SAT, collaborations on events and redevelopment projects of paths and shelters, cultural events and editorial projects, school and training, mountain medicine, protection of the mountain environment, solidarity, in training schools in mountaineering and ski mountaineering, glaciology and caving, projects and activities of the sections.

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