Roc Vergés Solé, 8c at age 13 - Up-Climbing

Roc Vergés Solé, 8c at age 13

Roc Vergés Solé has climbed his first 8c.

Now used to mind-boggling numbers, like the Italians Vighetti and Chelleris, we risk losing the light of reason. In addition to the two Italian excellences, however, many young climbers go crazy on the crags all over Europe.

This is the case of Roc Vergés Solé, who at the age of thirteen won the ascent of Fish Eye, one of the most famous 8c in the world. The route up is located in Oliana and is a true masterpiece of endurance, with a diluted difficulty for the entire length. It is not the first exploit of the young man, who in 2021 was champion of Spain in his category.

From Roc Vergés Solé’s IG page

Alessandro Palma