3^ HOKA Monte Rosa EST Himalayan Trail

Five distances, 1,300 athletes, 239 km, 18,350 m D+ and thousands of emotions

17 July 2021
The III^ HOKA Monte Rosa EST Himalayan Trail starts on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 July.

Five distances to please everyone, ready to fight in front of the east face of Monte Rosa, the highest wall in the Alps, the only Himalayan type in Europe.

Athletes with a very high technical profile, among which the winner of the MEHT Franco Collè, will be engaged on the ULTRA 105K / 8.000m D +. Still very experienced are the athletes who will face the EPIC 60K / 4,700 D + and those engaged on the SKY 38K / 3,100 D +. More accessible but certainly not to be underestimated are the CHALLENGE 22K / 1.700 D + and SHORT 14K / 850D + routes.

For the ULTRA 105K it is necessary that the athletes prove their technical profile by demonstrating that they have acquired 3 ITRA points in a single race held in the period 1 January 2018 - 31 December 2020. Participation awards ITRA points, 5 for the 105K, 3 for the 60K, 2 for the 38K and 1 for the 22K.

Since these are technically demanding races, participants are required to have a specific set of mandatory material and to acquire awareness of the difficulties of the route. There is a maximum time limit for all races.

Info: www.MEHT.it.

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