Tor des Géants 2016

Expects the departure of the great challenge between the 4000 of Valle d'Aosta

10 September 2016

Starting tomorrow 11 September for the Tor des Géants.

The famous route runs along the two Alta Via in the Aosta Valley with start and finish in Courmayeur, a total of about 330 km and 24.000 meters of elevation gain, following first the Alta Via number 2 towards the lower valley, and then back on the Alta Via number 1.

The large ring at the foot of 4000 in the Valle d'Aosta, to go within 150 hours, makes the path of unique beauty.

Registered trailers are 823 and come from 71 nations.
Great expectations for the athletes of the team Grivel, company sponsor of the event since its first edition. The group includes Pablo Criado Toca, Ana Bustamante Velez, Cedric Therin, Maxim Neganov, Vladimir Kot, Oleksandr Olivson, Vasily Bokov and Hubert Szczepan Krzemiski.

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