BUT Formazza 2019

Trail running in Formazza valley

13 July 2019
BUT Formazza will be held on 13th of July 2019 in Val Formazza (Piedmont, Italy).

BUT Formazza is a spectacular trail running race taking place on the Lepontine Alps, in the Formazza Valley, with four different courses:

  • BETTELMATT TRAIL (52 km)-BT: 52 km and 3296 m D+ of real energy, in the middle of a unique landscape. A hard and exciting challenge!
  • BETTELMATT SKY RACE (35 km)-BSR: born in 2007, Bettelmatt Sky Race leads the athletes up to the Rifugio 3A, starting from Riale Formazza. 1940 m D+.
  • BETTELMATT RACE (22 km): with 22 km and 750 m D+, this race is suitable for beginners.
  • BETTELMATT MINI TRAIL (8 km): easy trail for all.

Registrations are open: all the info about the race are available on the web site www.butformazza.it.

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