BUT Formazza 2022

In July the historic races, in September the World Championships

09 July 2022
In 2022 the BUT Formazza doubles!

It is a special year for trail running in Formazza, a wonderful valley set in the northernmost point of Piedmont: for the first time there will be two appointments for lovers of this fantastic discipline!

The two historic races will be held on 9 July:

  • Bettelmatt Super Race (37 km for 2.733 m D +)
  • Bettelmatt Race, (24 km for 1,050 m D +)

And for the less trained here is the Bettelmatt Mini Trail, 8 wonderful km around Lake Morasco that will make everyone experience the atmosphere of a real high mountain trail running party that characterizes BUT Formazza!

Also in 2022 the event organized by Formazza Event will be part of the Salomon Golden Trail National Series Circuit, the circuit that brings together some of the most beautiful and spectacular trails in Italy.

But it's not over: the (most) beautiful is yet to come! Bettelmatt SkyUltra (61 km by 3.759 m D +) will be held on Saturday 10 September and it will be the ISF Skyrunning World Championship (SKYULTRA discipline).

More information on bettelmattultratrail.it.


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